Woods Chapel Church Web Design

Woods Chapel Church's website is my most recent large-scale website re-design project. I met with key ministry leaders to develop a plan to deliver a site that could better represent our church.

Woods Chapel is a multi-campus church with a focus on missions. With more than 50% of users visiting from a mobile device, the previous site was not effectively communicating with a large portion of newcomers and existing users. Further, users were having difficulty trusting the website as a communication source and connection tool due to difficulty finding information and taking action across multiple campuses.

The new website has a modern feel and provides a great experience for users across mobile, tablet, and desktop screens. The navigation tool has simple filtering, allowing users to find groups which fits their needs and serving opportunities which match their campus, passions, and skill sets.

The entire process from start to finish took just over two months.

On January 31, 2018, the new Woods Chapel Church website successfully launched.

WCC Prom Boutique Web Design & Marketing Strategy

Hosted each spring at Woods Chapel Church, the Prom Boutique is a FREE event for area teen girls hoping to attend their prom but without the resources to do so. Each year, the boutique gives away over 1,000 dresses.

Prior to fall 2017, the Prom Boutique was primarily shared by word of mouth and a small Facebook presence. Email addresses were copied and pasted from a Microsoft Word document and sent in batches of 50. After meeting with the Prom Boutique chair, I developed a plan to take the Prom Boutique's online presence to the next level. This plan helped make 2018 the Prom Boutique's most successful year, setting records for the number of people served, the number of dresses, shoes and jewelry given away, and the number of dresses donated.


On November 21, 2017, the WCC Prom Boutique website successfully launched. The Prom Boutique chair now receives daily inquiries about how to serve and donate dresses.

Social Media Strategy.

For one month leading up to the 14th annual Prom Boutique, a dress a day is posted. The copywriting and photographs are relevant to teens, parents, grandparents, teachers, and more. These daily reminders of the upcoming boutique are shareable, allowing each post to reach over 3,000 people daily. 

Without boosting, the Prom Boutique 2018 event reached over 20,000 people organically.

Email Marketing.

Beginning in early 2018, the email addresses were sorted into groups (donors, girls, and counselors/principals). Using MailChimp, these groups can now receive content-specific emails based on their needs. The open rate for each of these groups is near 40%, and the click rate is 7.5%. The non-profit average for these categories is 18.7% and 1.9% respectively.